What snacks do you dream about?

How about a crème coated, cookie crusted California almond?  SunTree Cookie Crusted Almonds combine real California almonds with OREO®, NILLA®, Snickerdoodle and HONEY MAID® cookie and graham cracker crumbs to create one-of-a-kind flavor combinations.
From raw nuts and dried fruit to almonds coated in OREO® cookie crumbs and crème and beef jerky trail mix, SunTree Snack Foods has everything you have a hankering for.

The Joy of Snacking

Here at SunTree, we’re always exploring new flavor combinations. Our goal is to create tastes that put a smile on your face, whether it’s a well-deserved break in your busy day or a tasty treat for a job well done.
SunTree provides snacks for every kind of need you have throughout the day. We’re continually exploring new flavor combinations and setting new flavor trends. In each of our products, we seek to create a taste that brings out the joy of snacking, whether it’s in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle or as a well-deserved treat.

Featured Products

OREO® Cookie Crusted Almonds
A crisp OREO® chocolate wafer shell on top of California almonds, with a sweet crème filling in between.
SNICKERDOODLE Cookie Crusted Almonds
California almonds covered in buttery cinnamon sugar crème and topped with a mildly crisp cookie coating.
NILLA® Cookie Crusted Almonds
California almonds coated in a banana crème filling and wrapped in a delicious, gently crunchy NILLA® wafer shell.
HONEY MAID® Graham Cracker Crusted Almonds
Wholesome California Almonds covered with HONEY MAID® graham cracker deliciousness, bursting with strawberry cheesecake flavor.

Trail Mixes

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Black Forest Trail Mix
A sweet and salty mix of California almonds and California walnuts mixed with pieces of dried cherry and dark chocolate bits.
Buffalo Wing Trail Mix
Tangy buffalo wing-flavor dusted cashews and blue cheese-flavored almonds mixed with celery peanuts, roasted salted corn nuggets, and pistachios in a trail mix with zing.
Hot & Spicy Beef Jerky Trail Mix
Delicious sweet bits of teriyaki beef jerky mixed with spicy Sriracha cashews, pumpkin seeds, wasabi almonds, tamari peanuts in a dynamic and spicy trail mix.
Cajun Style Lamb Jerky Trail Mix
Bits of Lamb jerky with spicy, cajun style corn sticks, crunchy roasted salted corn nuggets, peanuts and almonds in a delicious and savory trail mix.